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Complete student registration form at GESI website.




College Application Preparation.


Get transcript evaluated from recognized international organization.


Get financial letter/loan approval letter.


Submit application to university.


Acceptance letter from university.


Visa process—F1-Visa.


Traveling to USA.




Start your higher education at the university.

Student Personal Statement Template Guidance

I. Preparation of background materials. Collect all your high school academic and extra-curricular achievement certificates and testimonials.

II. Review the websites of the colleges and academic degrees you wish to attend to assess the quality of students they are seeking to graduate from their respective campus. Also review the extra-curricular activities to include athletics and other social clubs they offer to see alignment between your interests and the campus offerings.

III. Since you are preparing one personal statement that you will be sending to several institutions for consideration, either don’t mention any campus by name or make sure you customize for each institution if you wish to mention their name.

IV. Draft a personal statement and touch on the following:

a. Your personal interest, motivation, and drive for college education despite the challenges of traveling abroad to study, leaving behind family, incurring major expenses for at least a four-year duration for an undergraduate degree, etc.

b. Your enthusiasm for the academic degree based on how well you have done in those subjects in high school or in college for graduate study.

c. Describe any paid work, training, volunteer, or hobbies you have done and experienced as it relates to the academic degree program you wish to major in.

d. Follow the instructions given by each campus you are applying in terms of the structure and length of your statement.

V. This is your personal individualized statement. Please do not copy from other samples. It needs to describe you and be unique to you. Do not exaggerate and only state the personal and academic facts of your life thus far and your future vision for your academic and professional life. Meditate on who you are and your values, what you have accomplished so far, how, and where you would you like to study and why and how this degree program will help you mature further in your life toward a professional career.

VI. Please write in excellent English and do not make any grammatical or spelling errors. Do not rely on a spellchecker on the computer. Proofread many times and ask someone else to also help proofread and give input to improve your statement.

VII. Please take some time to write and start early in the application process so that it does not come across rushed and relevant information is missed for consideration.

VIII. GESI provides virtual workshops, webinars, links, and other resources on admissions, financial aid, as well as employment opportunities for students.


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